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<span> Innovate Your Processes </span> & Overcome Your Challenges With Business ERP Software

Innovate Your Processes & Overcome Your Challenges With Business ERP Software

Competing in manufacturing and whole sale distribution today requires constant innovation — from how you design or procure your products to the way they are delivered to your customer’s door, and everything in between. At its core, innovation is understanding how to look at a problem, find the resources to solve it, and end up with a better way to go forward. We believe in working smarter, not harder, with the use of ERP software solutions and waste eliminating services designed for your business. Synergy’s ERP solution and highly trained resources help improve your common business processes via innovative thinking and problem solving. Click below to explore some of the challenges we help our customers address, and the results we can help you achieve.


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With Infor ERP, it’s like knowing the batting averages of every department on the planet. If you look at the data, pay attention to it, and use those tools to make decisions, your business runs better.

Chris Tillotson, General Manager
American Products, Inc.
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Synergy brought a proven, turn-key system, with the people, the training, and the tools to get our fledgling program off the ground and gaining its own momentum from day one. Since then, they have continued to support us with progress monitoring, ongoing training, and trusted counsel to keep us on the right track. These aren’t just consultants – they’re doers. We have achieved meaningful gains that we simply could not have made without them.

Douglas Hamilton, III, CEO
Hamilton Associates
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Our enterprise-wide Lean Sigma journey is closely linked with our enterprise-wide business system. We selected this path because we knew we needed to keep improving operations, products, processes, and people to remain competitive.

Olympus NDT

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