SBS – Business Revolution Through Evolution

In a time where manufacturing companies in America are struggling to survive, Synergy Resources Strategic Business Planning Program has provided our company with a roadmap to achieve World-Class performance. This program has re-energized our employees and our management team and focused our company on growth and efficiency through operational excellence. Through the execution of this program we now understand the opportunities we have for improvement and we are excited about our future and the prospect of continuing our partnership with Synergy’s Strategic Business Services team.

– Richard Meisenheimer
President & Second Generation Owner, Spectrum Associates

Continuous improvement amounts to an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. Incremental improvements over time coupled with “breakthrough” improvement all at once. Delivery focused– customer-centric– processes are constantly evaluated and improved. Internally, this can be seen as more efficiency and flexibility. Externally, customers will appreciated shorter lead times and better products.
SBS is the purpose of strategic planning is to determine where an organization is going over the next three to five years (vision) and to ensure the goals and objectives of the current year are driving the company forward in this direction (mission). The focus of a strategic plan is on the entire organization, its people, its process and its products. This is different than a business plan where the focus is usually on a particular product, service or program. The way that a strategic plan is developed often depends on the nature of the organization’s leadership, culture of the organization, complexity of the organization’s environment, size of the organization and expertise of the facilitator.
Synergy’s 4-Steps to Success strategic planning program forms the foundation on which visions can be realized. We apply emphasis on building a
culture focused on a mutually supportive, highly visible, result oriented, employee driven system of continuous improvement.