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Ever wonder if visual can do more? Of course you have!

Synergy Resources provides a collection of proven VISUAL ERP Extensions and modules that extends the functionality of your VISUAL ERP system. All applications are fully supported and are continually being enhanced with feedback from our field staff and our customers.

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Extension Products Overview >

Synergy Resources is pleased to offer an extensive range of technical and application oriented product solutions that can extend your Infor ERP VISUAL investment. These product extensions provide the added capabilities to handle industry or site specific requirements, whether your business is focused on automotive, consumer goods, metal fabrication, industrial equipment, aerospace, biotechnology, electronics, or a variety of other industries. We understand your industry’s requirements and can have solutions that will help your business succeed.

Synergy SmartViews >

See, analyze, and track information that helps you better support individual, departmental, and your company’s performance metrics and goals. Do all that with Synergy SmartViews. Making the right decision begins with this decision-support tool for your ERP application.

VISUAL Business Objects >

Save Time writing your own applications and extensions by not having to recreate the entire set of “VISUAL Business Transactions wheel” Improve user productivity // Experience increased flexibility // Extend VISUAL to the web.

VISUAL Vendor Portals >

Web-based access for your suppliers to review update your purchase order information and/or Request For Quote / Information / Price (RFQ/RFI/RFP). Web-based vendor portals // dynamic order tracking & updating

Synergy Trial Kit >

Drastically Improve your BOM visibility and discover shortages at ANY level of your bill of material no matter how deep. Material visibility & expected part availability increases // dynamic BOM assesment.

Report Launchpad >

Automate and simplify your report generation Accurate data // easy distribution // tighter security

Launchpad Scheduler >

Put dynamic real time data to use. Real time data // Office integration // Less administrative effort.

VISUAL Portals & e-Business >

harness the global reach of the world wide web and allow your customers to shop with you and see their order information online. Web-based customer and vendor portals // dynamic order tracking

ACH Document Processing >

Works seamlessly with the VISUAL Standard Financials application, leveraging VISUAL’s payment scheduling and batch payment functions, with the added convenience, performance, and security of Electronic Funds Transfer payment processing.

VISUAL Priority Manager >

Manage how your work orders are scheduled and grouped on the shop floor based upon like-characteristics; for example, paint color or diameter. increased flexibility in viewing, setting, & managing your work order priorities // dynamic queries.

Credit Card Integration™ >

Next level, real time CC transactions. For Infor ERP VISUAL Standard Financials // seamless integration // gateway providers.

UPS Shipper Connect >

Allows VISUAL users to take credit cards for payment of customer orders at time of order entry, shipping and/or invoicing. Dynamic invoicing // UPS worldship import & export


VISUAL ERP Credit Card acceptance with Solupay

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