Chapter 6 – How to Select ERP Without Losing Your Mind (or your job)

Scripting a Scripted Demo

Is there an easy way to conduct a scripted ERP demo? Will a scripted demo be easier to follow than the ERP vendor’s canned demos? This chapter provides the necessary insight for you to decide.

“Sales demos always look great”.

Usually with “sales demos” the presenter is a professional and knows how to carefully navigate their system to make sure it is seen in the very best light.

Even when the ERP system is problematic/buggy, the presenter is aware of where to and where not to go in the “sales demo”.

One way to not fall prey to the professional presenter is to request “scripted demos”.

What is a Scripted Demo?

Commonly you will provide the software vendors a script or sequence of data flow/transactions, that you experience on a daily basis, and you will expect the vendor to follow that sequence during their presentation.

How to set up a Scripted Demo.

To create the script for a Scripted Demo means that you have:

  • A list of your critical and unique business flows.
  • Including an analysis of where you currently spend effort, money, skill, system resources, and bits of paper.
  • And further an analysis of which of your internal processes are acceptable to compromise, which current processes are critical and which, if the ERP makes less efficient, will have significant negative impact.
  • Short list 2 or 3 vendors based on this.

Lastly, write the script which asks the vendor, using their standard system, to walk you through your top 10-20 risk/reward areas and demonstrate how their system produces the key deliverable you are looking for.

The kicker, of course, is that any business that already can do 1 through 3 is probably not in the market for a new ERP system.

They are already aware of their pain points and should have already dealt with them one way or another.

About Andy Pratico: 


Over the past 30 years, Andy Pratico (ex-APICS Chapter President) has worked with hundreds of manufacturers. During this time he has seen many implementation success stories, but sadly even more failures. To help companies increase their probability of success, Andy presents common sense workshops on how to select ERP systems. In addition, he authored “How to Select ERP Without Losing Your Mind (or your job)”.

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“Andy has an uncanny ability to provide a simplified story line to what is often a highly complex topic. If you believe ERP to be the life-support system of any manufacturing environment, then you’ll need to consider Andy as the ‘oxygen’ behind that system”

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“Congratulations on the well-delivered presentation. Usually, I attend these to roll my eyes at the triviality of the ideas discussed. In your case, the presentation actually covered all the key points anyone needs to remember about the ERP selection process. It should be of much value to all attended, as it was to me.”

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“Thanks for the informative presentation on ERP evaluation. Your comments about focusing all facets of evaluation on a company’s idiosyncratic and non-negotiable requirements were spot-on! This is the key take-away for prospective ERP buyers. You did a nice job. Thanks, Andy”

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