Fundamentals of ERP

What is ERP?

Although it’s common and gaining more popularity, many still wonder what does ERP stand for. It’s the acronym of ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’, and it’s referred to as a solution tailored to streamline business processes such as manufacturing, financing, etc. It ensures that various departments within the business and their operations are integrated so that the monitoring and decision-making process becomes simple.

What is required for an ERP to be effective?

In order to ensure that the solution you choose works for your business, ERP fulfills a number of requirements, such as:

  • Connecting various people, businesses and processes related to business operations.

  • Managing the business in the context of currency, language and legal aspects as required by legal authorities and business standards.

  • Having centralized access to data and other functions of the business operations.

  • Securing connectivity to departments and mobile devices that are connected and used in the line of business.

  • Ensuring easy integration with common servers and the flexibility to grow with the business and with the changes in technology.

Its importance to the business

An effective ERP works as the mind of a business. It’s in this perspective that integration is crucial. In traditional settings, management decision-making requires extensive documentation such as files and reports. With an ERP solution, it becomes simpler with centralized data storage and the analytical tools in the system that not only makes work easier but also faster and more effective.

History of ERP development

The development of ERP arose as a need to ensure that there is ease in managing the business. It started with traditional communication models. With the development of the computers, better communication models, networking and internet services were established. It’s on this platform that the development of ERP has happened.

In the advent of internet use, various communication models have developed. They include social media sites as well as marketing platforms. The creation of applications with capabilities to support this kind of communication enhances these platforms. The ERP is a solution that works in a similar way, but its tailoring applies to a specific business allowing connectivity to its clients, suppliers and its various departments.

Every relevant business should adopt an effective ERP solution. This will not only enhance its productivity but will greatly reduce the operational costs of the business. It’s evident that a number of multinational organizations are embracing this solution.

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