Royal Products News: Royal Products holds first Visual ERP Seminar.

05/16/14- ROYAL Products News: ROYAL Products holds first Visual ERP Seminar.

Hauppauge, NY – On May 16th, 2014 Royal Products of Hauppauge, NY held a Visual ERP Seminar, entitled “Showcasing Achievements, Leveraging the Visual ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, and Synergy Resources expertise.” For over 60 years, Royal Products has been designing and building precision metalworking accessories to help manufacturers squeeze every last drop of performance out of their machine tools.

royal products warehouse tour

Chris Jakubowsky (left) VP of Operations  leads the seminar discussions and tour of the Royal warehouse and shop floor as he demonstrates the results of the Visual ERP software tools coupled with the Synergy Resources business consulting efforts.

Teaming-up with Synergy Resources, (a professional business improvement services firm) which has helped Royal with employee procedures and training for the world class Visual ERP software.

Royal demonstrated the uses, benefits, and successful results during the last 3+ years of operations. Attended by 10 people from 4 companies from a wide variety of industries, the seminar presented an educational and enlightening approach toward streamlining business processes with the capabilities of the Visual ERP software tools, strategic best practices consulting and hard work.

“Royal Products firmly believes in continuous improvement, that’s why we partner with Synergy, it enables us to continue learning and expand our capabilities. It’s a challenge to stay competitive in the worldwide market, especially from Long Island. That’s why we need the Synergy advantage. Getting the latest techniques and tools are key to improve the operations and remain competitive. These improvements have allowed us to grow without increasing the amount of support staff,” said Chris Jakubowsky. “Holding our costs allows us to be more competitive and win in the marketplace”.

it manages presentation

Kathy Burns (right), IT manager for ROYAL said they have a very complex business, both a full manufacturing company and full distribution operation, filling same day distributor orders, across the globe. Visual is integrated with a WMS system to support its real time pick, pack and shipping operation. Royal’s customer base is with industrial manufacturing industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Automotive. The Visual ERP system is “flexible off-the-shelf so it allows us to run our business in multiple ways to handle the work more efficiently for each customer’s unique  requirement.” ROYAL  is  an ISO9001 certified and registered firm, with proven track record of performance excellence.

Chris Jakubowsky added that Royal’s specific needs for the Visual ERP system were to manage and improve the operational business needs of the company.

“Visual ERP is a truly integrated system from the sales quote to production. We’ve been aligning our processes and tools so that everyone is integrated and using the ERP allowing for more efficient and productive results,” said Chris Jakubowsky. Royal has been able to continually improve and shorten its order fulfillment time, while increasing the order throughput significantly.

ROYAL likes its ability to have shop workers run several jobs at the same time, and Visual ERP has the sophisticated capabilities to correctly allocate the labor/time across several jobs, and Visual  tracks  and  insures  we  can  maintain profitability. Attendees took advantage of the event, asking Kathy Burns to explain the system’s ease of use and deep functional capabilities, while also answering a wide array of process questions.

Over the years since Visual was implemented, ROYAL steadily increased output, with virtually no added administration costs, remaining fiercely competitive, in a very competitive marketplace.


ROYAL Products. Hauppauge, NY

royal products office

ROYAL Products America’s Leading Manufacturer of Metalworking Performance Accessories. Royal Products makes performance accessories that improve their customers manufacturing effectiveness, capabilities and competitiveness. The event reiterated the mission statements of the firm;

  • We help manufacturers squeeze every last drop of performance out of their machine tools.
  • We would rather explain price once, than to have to apologize for poor quality time and time again. Quality is the key to everyone’s success.

Royal  Products,  an  ISO  9001  registered  company,  is  an  active  member  of  the  following professional associations: AMTDA, AMT, and ISA.

You are invited to attend the Graphicast Customer Tour!

Showcasing Achievements


Get an understanding of what Graphicast, Inc. has accomplished using the Visual ERP suite. Graphicast is a job shop producing precision-machined zinc alloy castings. Graphicast has been a Visual user for 15 years and utilizes Easy Lean scheduling and Synergy Resources’ SmartViews to maximize ERP value. Graphicast’s experience will show that Visual ERP is not just for big companies!

Reserve your spot today by clicking here

The agenda will include:

• An overview of Graphicast, Inc.
• Company accomplishments and challenges to overcome
• Achievements with the Visual ERP suite
• Tour of the facility
• Helping you to achieve similar results
• Questions and discussion

Lunch will be served

Understand how with the right effort, tools and expertise you can achieve industry success.

DRT Power Systems holds successful Visual ERP Seminar!

On April 24, 2014 in Agawam, MA, DRT Power Systems held its first VISUAL ERP Seminar, entitled “Showcasing Achievements,  Leveraging the VISUAL ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, and Synergy Resources’ expertise.”

Brett Vecchiarelli. (above) director for DRT Power Systems leads the seminar discussions and tour of the DRT shop floor as he demonstrates the results of the VISUAL ERP software tools coupled with the Synergy Resources’ Strategic Business Services.

DRT teamed up to hold this seminar with Synergy Resources, (a professional business improvement services firm) which has helped DRT with employee procedures and training for the world class VISUAL ERP software.

DRT demonstrated the uses, benefits, and successful results during the last 12 years of operations. Attended by 12 people from 7 companies from a wide variety of industries, the seminar presented an educational and enlightening approach toward streamlining business processes with the capabilities of the VISUAL ERP software tools, strategic best process consulting and hard work.

“Streamlining means updating and getting the latest tools and technically getting our (company) needs met, to revise and improve the basic operations and every employee’s responsibilities of the company. This allowed us to grow without increasing the amount of support staff,” said Brett Vecchiarelli, “Holding our costs allows us to be more competitive and win in the marketplace.”

Brett said that DRT has a very complex business, involved with both Aerospace and Defense industries, the VISUAL ERP system is “flexible off-the-shelf so it allows us to run our business in multiple ways to handle the work more efficiently for each industries unique requirements.” DRT is an AS9100 certified and registered firm, with proven track record of performance excellence.

Mr. Vecchiarelli added that DRT’s specific needs for the VISUAL ERP system were to manage and improve the operational business needs of the company by utilizing VISUAL for quoting, material, scheduling, financials, quality, and managing its customers ever changing forecasts.

“It’s a truly integrated system from the sales quote to production and quality performance results. We’ve been aligning our processes and tools so that everyone is integrated and using the same system at the same time, allowing for more efficient, consistent productivity and results,” said Mr. Vecchiarelli.  The data once entered during the sales process, can be leveraged throughout the operations, with no re-typing of any data.

DRT looks at its order load frequently leveraging the ERP’s patented software tools capabilities to run several “what if” analysis’s to stay on top of the best profitability and insuring its staffing are always the most productive.

Attendees took advantage of the event, asking Brett to use the system to demonstrate the ease of use and deep functional capabilities of the system, while also answering a wide array of questions.

Over the years since VISUAL was implemented, DRT steadily increased output, with virtually no added administration costs, remaining fiercely competitive, in a very competitive marketplace.



DRT Power Systems provides highly engineered integrated solutions customized to solve difficult challenges for our customers.  DRT Power Systems – OA   manufactures precision machined components and assemblies for a wide variety of aerospace applications. The company occupies a 37,000 square foot facility, located in Agawam, Massachusetts, that houses 21 pieces of CNC Machinery for four & five axis milling and turning, plus additional conventional machines for milling, turning, grinding, and flat lapping. OA is committed to providing defect free products and services to our customer base. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations through a process of continuous quality improvement.

Synergy Driving Performance Improvement

Synergy uses LEAN/TOC/SixSigma principles in conjunction with implementing ERP to drive performance improvement throughout the company.

Below are two articles from a new Synergy customer’s employee newsletter, one in February, the second in March.  They actually created their own internal logo to generate enthusiasm, buy-in and excitement in their company.  Look at the picture of their conference room with all the process mapping complete.   Even before their ERP software is installed on their network, they can already see how it will be used to support their new processes that will drive improvement in their business’ performance in a big way!

Process Mapping Underway with Synergy Resources

Our journey to replace MAX with VISUAL has begun! Already dozens of employees have been involved in the process mapping phase. This is where our consultant from Synergy Resources creates a map of every single step we perform to complete a process, such as issuing a quote to a customer (you might not believe how many separate steps this takes and how many documents we print along the way!). For each process, employees who provide inputs to that process, handle the process, and are at the next stage – i.e. the “customer” of the process, are included in the all-day sessions. Next, we identify approximately how long the “current” process takes in days (or hours). Then the fun begins!

The next step is to outline what we would like the “future state” to look like. And it’s amazing to see how many individual steps we think we can cut out and how much time will be saved. Along the way, our employees are identifying opportunities for improvement that may not need to wait for the software implementation and/or could be considered as continuous improvement ideas for the future. Once everything is reviewed and approved, the folks at Synergy will use the current and future state process maps to set up the new software for us and we will create some Kaizen events to brainstorm ideas on what improvements we can make now, and along the way. An example of a Kaizen event might be to look at the Expedite process – the way we currently ask for estimated or requested ship dates.

We have about 3 more weeks of process mapping ahead. Thank you to everyone for being so helpful and for taking the time necessary to complete the process maps. Together, we’re turning over a new leaf with VISUAL. Successful implementation using Lean principles, will lead to Green in 2014…in the form of increased sales and profitability! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Our project leader and I will be coordinating the continuous improvement opportunities. Feel free to ask either of us questions any time.



Visual Employee Kick-off Meeting

Process mapping is complete! Check out all the hard work of our Process Owners in the conference room photo below and come learn more about what Visual ERP will do for [our company] at the employee kick-off meeting this Thursday at 9:00am in the cafeteria. Refreshments will be served.


SmartViews Update v3.2.9.0

A new version of SmartViews has been released. Below is an overview highlighting the changes.

Here is the summary list of the changes:

Feature 363 : Within Pivot’s you can now get a Distinct Count (within Totals area, i.e. Count, Sum menu)



Feature 364 : Report area – users can now share report layout with others without having to export\import


fig.2          fig.3

Defect 257 : Fixed typo in error message

Defect 301 : Corrected issue with new license key not being saved to other machines when sync was performed

Defect 304 : Corrected issue when selecting Access as the data source for a view

Defect 305 : Corrected error when in Pivot and trying to un-select Dynamic Fields –> % of Column

Defect 315 : After saving a new dashboard it was not showing up on the menu list until the user closed and logged back in.



Trial Kit & SmartViews Just Got Better

SmartViews  is one of the products that all businesses need because without analyzing your data, how do they know what their current state is and are they headed to their future state.  Companies underestimate the importance of a centralized analytical tool.  Where can you get a user friendly application that is usable from your shop floor users to executive management?

Trial Kit just had a big release

Some of the big things are

o          Not limited to exploding Work Orders…now exploded Quote Masters or Masters and see your lonest lead-time part

o          Technology update – armed for the future with the latest technology under the hood

o          See your scheduled Start & Finish date right in the BOM window; find your critical path issues

Freeman Marine Equipment, an Advantec Global Innovations company, has a reputation built on providing high-quality doors, hatches and windows for extreme-duty use, especially for the Marine industry.  From U.S. Coast Guard rescue boats, to large yachts, fishing vessels, and many other applications at sea and on land, Freeman Marine manufactures products that are often highly complex, for customers often under tight schedules for building or renovating sea-going vessels.

And it is that complexity that makes tracking parts for hundreds of work orders very, very demanding.  We have to understand the total part supply picture, which in the past has been very difficult because our sub-assemblies often go 4 to 6 levels deep, and we have hundreds of work orders in process at any given time.  We needed a tool that could give us an at-a-glance picture of which parts were constraining production, so we could focus our efforts efficiently

It was a very frustrating effort—until we found Trial Kit.  We were dazzled by being able to see the complete, exploded Bill of Material, color coded to let us know which parts needed attention.  After we implemented, our inventory lead commented, “I got rid of our Excel “hotlist”.

One of the aspects of Synergy Resources that delighted us was how responsive they were to requests for enhancements to Trial Kit.  As a production scheduler who has to quote leadtimes, I was particularly jazzed when Synergy let me know they had enabled the program to function with Engineering Masters as well as Work Orders.  Finally—I can use a “live” tool to figure out if there are any really long-leadtime parts, buried 4 levels down, that need to be taken into account when estimating the lead-time for a product!

The technical skill of the Synergy staff, and the professional quality of the Trial Kit product, make it a pleasure to recommend Trial Kit as a vital tool for any discrete manufacturer who, like Freeman Marine, produces high-quality, complex products for the demanding global market.

Tom Huntford

Production Scheduler / MRP Administrator
Freeman Marine


Shouldn’t ERP be Fun?

Playing Tiny Defense the other night, what a silly little game, but fun!

You start out with minimal capabilities, and then as you learn and progress, you gain tools to help in both your defense and offensive tactics and overall strategy.  At the same time, the challenges you face increase in their capabilities and potential threat to your success.

As I was slowly learning the ropes, gaining confidence, making progress, and accumulating more experience and knowledge, the thought occurred to me:

Why shouldn’t ERP be this fun?  Shouldn’t your ERP implementation be able to provide you with immediate feedback as to how your company is doing?  If you have a really excellent implementation of an ERP, you might have a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that is showing you some high-level performance metrics like Sales Bookings, Backlog, Quotes % accepted, On-time delivery, various Quality metrics, etc.  But what about the day-to-day operations folks?  The ones actually making it happen for you on a daily basis?  Shouldn’t they be having fun, too?  Shouldn’t they be experiencing the instant gratification of a job well done?  They shipped an order on-time (or early if the customer will accept it), they received quality parts in the right quantity at the right time from our supplier, they found a way to increase the number of units produced with the same quality in the company’s bottleneck, adding $2/min of throughput to our bottom-line.

Assuming you have a culture where that sort of performance is rewarded, maybe even expected, being able to play the game of improving your company’s performance for the benefit of your customers satisfaction and your stakeholders investment, should be – FUN!

Do you have the tools in place to make working at your company fun and rewarding?



VISUAL Quality

Biomedical Firm Chooses Visual ERP To Spear Head Business Process Improvements And Quality

As the essential element towards process improvement initiatives, Bomimed is launching VISUAL ERP.

Bomimed manufactures respiratory consumables and breathing system assemblies specifically for hospitals. As their success began to outpace their legacy system Business Visions (specifically with labour and material planning), Bomimed had to improve ergo streamline manufacturing processes. With medical regulatory certifications and compliance (ISO 13485, CE, FDA and GGMP), Bomimed is obligated to maximize only the best in QA tools and cradle to grave lot traceability.

After a detailed examination of leading ERP offerings, including SAP Business One, Syspro, Microsoft Dynamics’ AX, NAV and GP, Bomimed chose VISUAL. VISUAL stood out as the one fully integrated solution that included all requirements (material resource planning, QA management, document control and customer management capabilities), and designed specifically for small to mid-sized manufacturers.

“VISUAL’s graphical display is so intuitive and follows our planned processes perfectly. It’s not complicated at all and meets our needs right out of the box. VISUAL’s Configurator will be great for sales configurations of our high end capital equipment.” says Justin Olivier (Product Manager).

Bomimed anticipates within 8 months, cutting lead times and improving on-time deliveries by fifty percent.

“We plan to leverage the software to its fullest potential,” said Olivier, “and we look forward to all of the benefits VISUAL has to offer. I know our ISO re-certifications will be an absolute piece of cake with Visual Quality, EPAK and VISUAL Workflow.”

VISUAL Builds Race Cars

Bay Shore, New York—

Synergy Resources, a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions and services, and Infor, one of the largest global providers of business software, recently announced a gift of software and services to Farmingdale State College for its business and computer systems classes. The gift, which has a commercial value of close to $200,000, includes Infor ERP VISUAL software from Infor and implementation and training services from Synergy Resources. Through this gift, students will learn how to apply technology to manage a company’s integrated supply chain from manufacturing and purchasing to warehousing and distribution. Synergy Resources has been selling, implementing, and supporting the Infor ERP VISUAL product line since it was first introduced in 1992.

“Our customers, who operate small and midsize manufacturing companies, tell us that they struggle to find qualified people who are experienced in supply chain management technology,” explains Gene Caiola of Synergy Resources. “We recognize the growing need for management students to gain a working knowledge of ERP systems and we see this as an opportunity to give back to the community. The program will help to fill the demand for these skills in local manufacturing companies.”

Dr. W. Hubert Keen, President of Farmingdale State College, believes that providing hands-on experience with ERP technology will be extremely beneficial to the school’s curriculum. “Farmingdale students will have a competitive advantage when they graduate and are seeking employment since they will have experience with an ERP application that is much in demand by industry,” said Dr. Keen. Synergy is key to executing the lean best practices. “Thousands of manufacturers globally depend on Infor ERP VISUAL to gain insight into their supply chain, improve compliance management and support lean manufacturing initiatives,” said Kevin Piotrowski, director, industry & product marketing, at Infor. “Through this joint gift, the students at Farmingdale State College gain a technology platform on which to learn the principles of manufacturing and supply chain management. This experience can translate into a valuable asset as they embark on their future careers.”

Gene Caiola is an alumnus of the State University of New York (SUNY) system and sees Synergy Resources as a logical partner for the program. “As a community business leader, I value my relationship with Farmingdale State College. At Synergy Resources, our goal is to help manufacturers stay competitive in the global economy by giving them the tools to run more efficiently and ultimately improve their profitability. What we bring to the table, along with Infor, is leading edge technology and best business practices. Giving students the opportunity to learn VISUAL in the classroom will give those students a competitive edge in the job market. In turn, the Farmingdale program will help to strengthen the manufacturing and supply chain skills base in the local area.”

Professors in the business management and computer systems departments plan to run two pilot courses this summer with official implementation in fall 2008. “We look forward to preparing our students for entry into the workforce by utilizing this software application within our course materials,” says Farmingdale Professor Jill O’Sullivan. “Learning how to use enterprise resource planning software will enable our students to better position themselves for success. With Synergy and Infor we are bridging the gap between the business world and academia in an effort to increase our students’ opportunities in the future.”

Wire Belt Company Uses VISUAL Software from Synergy Resources for Production Transformation

Synergy Resources is proud to announce that Wire Belt Company of America has been named New Hampshire’s 2009 #1 Best Small Company to work by Business NH Magazine and NH Businesses for Social Responsibility. The Londonderry, NH company, a long-time VISUAL Enterprise user, prides itself on never laying off New Hampshire workers.

The company used the economic downturn to redeploy workers idled by a drop off in orders to reconfigure its 33,000 sq. ft. production facility. The goal was to keep workers fully employed streamlining process workflows and creating flexible manufacturing cells to support Lean production. Infor VISUAL Enterprise ERP’s strong functional support of Lean and electronic Kanban is viewed as essential to transforming the production of hygienic, stainless steel conveyor belt systems used in food processing and other industries.

“At a time when the economy is testing the most solid company cultures, this year’s Best Companies to Work For competition demonstrates how making employees partners in a company’s success is not only good for morale, but also good for the bottom line,” runs the lead in the December issue cover story in Business NH Magazine. “Respect for employees, no layoff policies and creative strategies to keep everyone employed have earned Wire Belt Company of America in Londonderry the title of Best Small Company to Work For in NH…”

“A key company goal is to keep manufacturing in New Hampshire,” says Bruce Nixon, materials manager at the 4th-generation, family-owned company. “To do that you have to be extremely cost competitive. Scott Monk, our director of operations, saw Lean as the way to streamline operations, reduce costs, increase productivity, and be more competitive.”

VISUAL greatly simplifies material management. Electronic Kanban and strong support for managing critical item replenishment are also key. “The way VISUAL processes orders and handles scheduling also makes a difficult task a whole lot easier,” Nixon states.

Though representing a variety of industries, Wire Belt Company and the others on the select top 10 list all share one thing in common. “While not immune to recessions, the Best Companies to Work For have a strategic advantage – motivated, loyal employees.” Making them full partners and giving them the right tools to perform their jobs are critical elements in sustaining that advantage.