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Michael Canty, Executive Director of Synergy’s Business Performance Solutions Group, authored the article “Why Aren’t We Performing as Well as We Should?”, which was published in the April 2016 issue of the NTMA’s RECORD Newsletter.

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S.I. Howard Glass Company Holds First VISUAL ERP Seminar, Showcasing Achievements

S.I. Howard Glass Company News: S.I. Howard Glass Company holds first VISUAL ERP Seminar, Showcasing Achievements.


Worcester, MA — On September 29th 2015 the S.I. Howard Glass Company held its first VISUAL ERP Tour and Seminar, entitled “Showcasing Achievements”,  Leveraging the VISUAL ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, and Synergy Resources expertise.

hi2Elizabeth Keefe, Director of Operations for S.I. Howard Glass Company led the seminar discussion and tour of the Glass Company shop floor as she demonstrated the results of the VISUAL ERP software tools coupled with Synergy Resources business consulting efforts.

Synergy Resources, (a professional business improvement services firm) has helped Howard Glass with employee procedures and training on the world class VISUAL ERP software.

Howard Glass demonstrated the uses, benefits, and successful results during the last 3 years of operations. Attended by 11 people from 7 companies from a wide variety of industries, the seminar presented an educational and enlightening approach toward streamlining business processes with the capabilities of the VISUAL ERP software tools, strategic best process consulting and hard work.

“Streamlining means updating and getting the latest tools and technology to meet our company needs, to revise and improve the basic operations and every employee’s responsibilities of the company. This allowed us to grow without increasing the amount of support staff,” said Elizabeth Keefe. “Holding our costs allows us to be more competitive and win in the marketplace.”

hi1Elizabeth stated that Howard Glass has a very complex business, involved with many industries; Aerospace to Electronics, Biomedical to Electro-Optics industries. The VISUAL ERP system is “flexible off-the-shelf so it allows us to run our business in multiple ways to handle the work more efficiently for each industries unique requirements.” Howard Glass is an ISO: 9001:2008 certified and registered firm, with a proven track record of performance excellence.

Elizabeth Keefe added that Howard Glass’s specific needs for the VISUAL ERP system were to manage and improve the operational business needs of the company by utilizing VISUAL for quoting, material, scheduling, financials, quality, and managing its customers’ ever changing forecasts.

“It’s a truly integrated system from the sales quote to production and quality performance results. We’ve been aligning our processes and tools so that everyone is integrated and using the same system at the same time, allowing for more efficient, consistent productivity and results,” said Elizabeth Keefe,  “The data once entered during the sales process, can be leveraged throughout the operations, with no re-typing of any data.”

hi3Attendees took advantage of the event, asking Elizabeth to recall the operations before the VISUAL implementation compared to today, while also asking a wide array of process questions.

Over the few years since VISUAL was implemented, Howard Glass has steadily increased output, with virtually no added administration costs, remaining fiercely competitive, in a very competitive marketplace.




S.I. Howard Glass Company

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For flat glass substrates and fabrication services, S.I. Howard Glass Company is in a league of its own. Since 1912, we’ve supplied the industry with a huge variety of glass products, readily available for fast delivery.

Our substrates can be custom fabricated to the highest standards of excellence. From simple to complex configurations with the tightest of tolerances, we supply flat glass optical components to hundreds of customers, worldwide. Over the decades we have proven ourselves as a unique, adaptable, and solution-oriented company.

Our expanded product offerings include a wide selection of glass such as: Schott BOROFLOAT®, Schott Optical Filters, Schott B270, Schott D263, Schott AF-32, Hoya Optical Filters, Corning Eagle XG, Glaverbel Soda Lime Glass, and crystal clear Low Iron Float Glass. We maintain a vast selection of sizes and thicknesses from 0.1mm to 16 mm.

Our years of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Machining (CAM) experience combine with our knowledge and expertise in processing these materials. This allows us to prototype parts faster, with the highest degree of accuracy (+/- .001 inches) and fabrication as thin as 0.1 mm (.003 inches).


Why Do Some Manufacturers Thrive With Their ERP While Others Do Not?

Written by Bill Reidmiller of Synergy

From my experience, there are three fundamental reasons why some manufacturers thrive with their ERP while others do not; Process Mapping, Data Integrity, and Continuous Improvement.

Process Mapping is the key to ERP implementation success.  Documenting the step-by-step Current State process then defining, testing, and documenting the Future State process utilizing the new ERP functionality helps identify waste and streamline processes.  This important step is the foundation in which the ERP system is built and utilized.

Data Integrity is a crucial element to build on the Process Mapping foundation to enable the longevity of an ERP system.  Does your data stand the test of time?  Many companies utilize a portion / abbreviation of the Customer and Vendor names as a primary search, or the Manufacturer’s part number as the primary search for parts.  This practice, while seemingly harmless at the start, will eventually succumb to the dreaded ***DO NOT USE*** in Customer, Vendors, and Parts when names or numbers change, or different suppliers are used for products.  Utilizing a numbering schema that has a primary focus on categories and a secondary search on description hierarchy maintains the data integrity for years to come and allows for changes that will not disrupt the history.

Continuous Improvement is an essential part to ERP success.  Once the ERP wheels are in full motion there are constant changes that evolve.  This can be in the form of process changes or business practices that require a review / modification to the Process Map and the reeducation of staff to ensure continuity and repeatability, utilization of new features, identifying waste and improvements through the T.I.M. W.O.O.D. methodology, and SMED or Kaizen events.

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