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Start Your Journey to a Successful Manufacturing ERP Implementation

Irrespective of the kind of manufacturing business operations you are into, ERP implementation brings with it a lot of criticality that must be dealt with on priority. By criticality, we mean factors such as cost, ROI, managing the entire project in the organization, commitment and support from the leaders of the business entity. Undoubtedly, deploying […]

The Way to Strike the Right Chord of Quality, Throughput and Profit

Is your manufacturing business well-equipped to meet the complex, order-driven product scheduling? If your answer is “yes”, then without a tinge of doubt, your business is well on course for optimum productivity and profitability. In that case, your company must have the manufacturing capacity built around excellent scheduling. It means that your business is not […]

Synergy Resources Offers a Myriad of Services via Technical Consulting

At Synergy Resources, our best practices revolve around assisting our clients in setting up their ERP software architecture and environment from two different perspectives: Database and Application. We customize our client’s ERP manufacturing software environment so that it works completely in sync with their business processes and rules. As part of our ERP application consulting […]

A Marketer’s Guide to Choosing ERP System

Choosing an ERP system is a challenging task, because it’s a tricky process. There’s a plethora of vendors offering ERP business solutions and each has a set of unique features. But, the baseline is arguably the same. Many businesses invest in heavy ERP business solution packages just for the sake of getting an ERP system. […]

4 Critical Things to Remember While selecting an ERP System

It is critical, they say, and they mean it. Is your business really in need of an ERP system? And, is selecting an apt ERP system a problem that you are facing? What to look for in an ERP system? How do you define your business needs in an ERP system? How to figure out […]

Does Your Business Need an ERP system?

Why would you need an ERP system? Because you want to cut on overheads and better your business processes. However, many businesses don’t really understand the “Why’s and How’s” of employing an ERP system. The worst case scenario is that many businesses are not even aware of what an ERP system is. ERP systems act […]

The Secret to Successful ERP Implementation

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the terminology for a software application that enables a seamless integration of data across all departments and functions in an organization. It enhances the “enterprise” for making better use of “resources”, leading to their effective planning and channelization. The ERP software gives many tangible as well as non-tangible benefits […]

Infor Business Intelligence – The ideal tool for business decision makers

Infor BI facilitates decision making in an organization by providing decision makers with actionable insights and meaningful information. Infor Business Intelligence offers the right information, at the right time, to the right individuals. Thus, the organization that uses it can make use of new opportunities that the prompt sharing of information offers and therefore make […]

Lean Quality Management – An Absolute Phenomenon!

Lean manufacturing first began at the Toyota factory in Japan and it is now one of the most talked about concepts in the field of manufacturing. So, what does lean quality manufacturing mean? Lean quality management entails putting maximum focus on customers and treating them as the most important part of a business. This method […]

What is a visual manufacturing ERP?

In order to bring out the best in your business, it’s important to have an ideal solution for managing it. VISUAL Manufacturing ERP is a tailored solution that is equipped with various advanced tools that will help you gain better control over the manufacturing and other processes of your business. A good ERP will help […]