Are you growing for growth’s sake?

Growing, of course, is much better than the alternative, but when we are in growth mode, we are often so satisfied (perhaps even thrilled) of that specific direction, that we fail to keep an eye on the bigger picture and the bigger question – is our growth enabling better performance, or hindering it? Are we experiencing growing pains such that our customer service metrics – delivery performance,customer response time, product quality – are all suffering as a result of our company’s rapid growth? Is the profitability of the company also growing in relation to revenue?

Companies that focus on top-line revenue growth at the expense of operational efficiency, may find that the perceived improvements being made aren’t necessarily translating to their overall purpose of better serving their customers and not contributing to as high a stakeholder return the process.

Can a manufacturing company maximize top-line revenue growth while at the same also increase the bottom-line percentage for the best of both worlds?

We certainly think so, click here for the whitepaper and find out why